English Literacy Round 4

The theme of this round is happiness. In this round, we learned what happiness is, and how to achieve happiness. We read a lot of article and our final assessment is to write how to be happy when in life circumstance. I decided to write How to be happy when you have a lot of homework because, to me personally, I think that a lot of Liger Students have a lot of homework, and sometime they need happiness while they need to deal with all of their homework. 

How to be Happy When You Have a Lot of Homework

   When you study at college, high school or even middle school, you will find yourself getting busy with lots and lots of homework. A study from a researcher found out that less than 1 % of students said that homework is not a stressor (Levy, 2017). This means you might be one of the other 99%, who have been stressed with homework. Below are the three strategies that you can use to be happy when you have a lot of homework and start to enjoy doing it.

Listening to Music

If you are a big fan of music, this solution can help you not to be stressed while doing your homework. Researchers explain that music makes people more productive (“Music-an Aid to Productivity”, 1972). “music can make the task seem less boring, and it can also increase arousal and alertness” ( Cantor, 2013). Before you start doing your homework, first, create a playlist of your favorite songs or from your favorite artists. After you have your own playlist full of your favorite songs, put your headphones on. Then adjust the right volume for yourself. * It shouldn’t be over 60%.  Now you can enjoy doing your homework with music accompany your heart and your head. As Angely Rose -student at Liger leadership Academy- tests out the strategy of listening to music, “It helps me to find beauty in the hard work, and helps me relax while coping with the stress of work. As the result it makes me happy to work” she said. It seems like listening to music has a really big impact on working.  I encourage you to give music a try.

Move to a different environment

Sometimes, you are not in the right place to do your homework. A lot of books, technology devices, and the crowded area cannot help you to have your homework done easily. Being outdoors would be the best choice for you. First, find a fresh place that is surrounded by nature. Then the fresh air, bird sound, green tree, and blossom flowers can vanish your stress and it finds you the real happiness even though you have a lot of homework. According to a Forbes writer, Andrea Loubier, wrote an article “How Offices Are Innovating To Improve Our Happiness, Productivity And Well Being” mention that one of the four main factors that can boost our productivities, health and happiness is nature.  Nature can increase our productivity by 15 %. Since nature is a great source for us to boost our productivity, Apple, one of the biggest company created a new office design called, “Apple Park” that surrounded by over 10, 000 tree ready to help their employee to be productive with their work”(Loubier, 2017). The color green from nature help us to calm down. Moreover, the diversity of other color surrounds in nature produce us productivity and relaxedness. So if stress out while doing your work, move to a different environment.

Grab a Cold Drink

When you are stress, sleepy or bored, would you like to go and grab a cold drink or cold water? The same thing when you are stress with a lot of homework. First, take a break, then wash your face, a shower would be great for you too.  “Just like taking a cold shower releases body stress, drinking cold water has the same effect on your body by working on the immunity. ” (2018). Next, go and grab a glass of cold water or grab your favorite drink from the refrigerator. Take a sip of the cold drink, and “Ahhh” you would feel fresh and ready to get back to work on your homework. Now you can do your homework happily without stress.

   Next time when you do feel like part of your body sore because of stress          while doing your homework, just do one of these three strategies, then you would feel better and ready to get back working on your homework. No more stress, while doing homework.  

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