Little Pop,Pop!

Haiku is one of my favorite type of poem to write. They are short and simple. This type of poem is originated from Japan with three lines. The first and the third line have five syllables while the second line has 7 syllables. 

Little Pop, Pop!

Little frog, pop! Pop!

I take a look and hop hop!

Under my legs, Opps!

Indigenous Community

My round 3 exploration is indigenous community. In Cambodia, there are at least 19 groups of different indigenous people all over in Cambodia. Some of them such as Pnong, and Kreung. However, the other indigenous groups, not many of Cambodians know that they exist. After my facilitator, Bunthan saw this problem, he created an exploration which is indigenous community to promote and to raise everyone’s awareness that they actually exist. The two indigenous groups that we were focusing on are Stieng in Krate and Kui in Preh Vihear. There are 16 of us and we were divided into two groups, which are video group with 7 members and 9 members of the book group. By the end of our exploration, we expected to create 7 videos about Stieng and one book about Kui. I am one of the book members.

We went to Krate and Preah Vihear to collect all of the information about their community. During the trip, I’ve noticed that they were just like us, accept their daily life and their langue. For Stieng, I think they are no longer an indigenous group anymore because of their daily life, clothes, langue, and tradition is time by time turn into typical Cambodians. However, Kui people still speak their langue and follow their belief with the big population.

When we back from the trip, we were trying to write a book and editing our video. After we finished our book, we think we should come back to the community to verify the things that need to be changed. We’ve print our first version of the book along the trip. We finally, made a lot of changes. Hopefully, we can print our second version book soon and hand it out to different places to promote Cambodia indigenous groups.

STEM Round 3

In the 3rd round, we are learning by doing experiments. Our facilitator, Da planed out the week like this, on Monday is the day that we start the new lesson, we also can list down some questions for Tuesday. On Tuesday we discuss our question that we have listed down. On Thursday we experiment to know more about the topics. On Friday we celebrate our knowledge, which is a quiz of the week. One of my favorite experiment is the black snake experiment. This experiment explained everything even though I was on trips for the rest of the week. We need 5 gram of banking soda, 20 gram of sugar, a bowl of sand, lighter fluid, lighter, bowl, and aluminate wrap. Here is the instruction:

  1. First, add 5 gram of banking soda to 20 gram.
  2. Then mix the banking soda and sugar until they mixed well.
  3. Wrap the bowl with aluminate wrap
  4. Place sand in the bowl
  5. Then pour lighter fluid into the bowl sand until the whole bowl of sand wet well.
  6. Put the mixture of soda and sugar in the middle of the sand bowl
  7. Light up the sand
  8. Let the black snake continue it journey

*note: If you want to extinguish the light, pour some water in.

I think it is marvelous and well explain the whole idea of the lesson. Hopefully, we can do more experiment like this.


English Literacy Round 3

On the third round of our English literacy class, we focused on identity as our theme. I also learned about who I am. Well, everyone would love to know about themselves, so do I. On the second week of our round, we were writing poetry about where we are from. To me, writing poetry is a great idea. Below is I am from poetry written by me. Basically, it explains where I am from and what defines who I am.

I am from

I am from my favorite person and my first love

With the hair oil, I can see the sunshine

I am from the chalk & marker on the board

In a box with big monsters

But I had my mom and dad at that time

I am from my grama morning bread and coffee

That wakes me up all day long

From the scorched rice and spicy fish sauce

The taste tamarind

With the smell of fresh rice but crunchy

Also from the sweat eyes because of Koku

I am from the white blood cell

From my doctor grandpa’s magic


I am from the bike

From the fail and get up

Break my knee and tare my clothes apart

I am from the sparkling rainbow living thing in a jar

Once I can’t breath

The legs up the sky and face in the water

I am from the boss of the boss team

Also the fight for the right club

Blood on white clothes

No need any opinion because I did it just for the right

I am from “ Can I try”

And “ I get it ”

The pen chewer

That’s what I call myself


I am from the lion and the tiger scholar

The greatest academy of all

I am from the change agent group

That is cleaning and training to be the glossy diamond

I am from the theatre

The mirror actress

But the opportunity sucker

I am from the write, recite and express club

I am from the I-can-do-it

And I’ll-try mindset


I am from the root of a tree

The hero and heroine  that I haven’t seen

I am from the small eye

White skin, and the little meow meow blood

But I am the lion and I’ll roar

By Reaksmey Date 16th January 2018


Technology/multimedia Round 3

Coding! I have never dreamed of learning it. It used to always gives me a headache. I didn’t need to code to get that stressfulness, only looking at all of the letter and number on other people screen able to make my brain explode. Recently, I started to like coding since I have entered the Python programming world. Python, that what we learned in technology/multimedia class. We learned string,  boolean, and loop on the 3rd round. In my free time, I would choose to code because I really like it now. In my calendar, there would at least 30 minutes of coding exist every day. I think that Coder is smarter than coding.

Khmer Literacy Round 3

Grammar is always important in every language, I think. However, in Khmer, we don’t focus on grammar much in speaking. Some sentence does not need any to be adjective or possesive pronounce. Such as that book is me. I know it sounds odd, but it would make sense if we speak Khmer. But still, it’s important to keep the grammar right in writing. In Khmer class this round we were focusing on grammar. I was assigned to do research on the adjective. Adjective is the conflict one because, in Khmer, there are two types of adjective, which are regular adjective and limitation adjective. Limitation divided into five which are demonstrative adjective, indefinite adjective, possesive adjective, interrogative adjective, and quantitative adjective. Moreover quantitative adjective divided into two which are ordinal adjective and cardinal adjective. To be clear click this to learn more about Khmer adjective.

Math Round 3

On the first week of the round, we moved to the next level, which is 5 B. The first lesson that we learned was decimal. Similar to fraction, it’s always amazing and makes my day so stress out. There are so many math works such as multiplying, subtraction, division and adding. Multiplying is always make me so confusing and I made a lot of mistake such as 6 * 8 = 56. Plus, with decimal, it made my brain explode. This mistake always keeps my class so crowded because of hearing me and my teammates laughing. To them it is funny. However, to me, it is a headache and stressful. I meant I am fine to do the multiple. However, when it came to the checking point, I’ve used the most of my eraser. Hopefully, I can get better with multiplying.