Electricity: Economics, Infrastructure & Access Exploration

Passion and work. I have found my passion, acting, and fictional writing. In this round, there are three other explorations, which are storytelling, household garden, and outdoor leadership. Since fictional writing is my passion, I wanted to be in storytelling exploration, which is about writing and publishing children’s books. I had planned during holiday. First my name was there, However, I am in electricity exploration at the end. I was so disappointed.

“Don’t always go with your passion, learn something new”

In this exploration, we learn about different ways to produce electricity, some history of electricity and electricity in Cambodia. Electricity is something brand new to me. I have no idea about it. Not even to define “electricity”. During the exploration, we do a lot of research, went to different places, and interview different people. The goal of this exploration is to explore electricity and also to produce some documents such as writing or video for our senior project, Cambodia Economy website. We did a lot of research about solar power, thermal power, hydropower and wind power. We do some research, went to some of trips then come back and continue our writing. During this exploration, I become a specialist in wind power. I have done a lot of research about wind power and have written an article about it at the end of the exploration. I think I am a big fan of wind power. Cambodia has not had any wind turbines yet. However, there is a company called Blue Circle is planning on building wind turbines on Bokor Mountain, Kampot Province which is my hometown. Other than wind power, I have learned about other resources of electricity. Even though it’s not my passion, I still learn so many things new things from this exploration. I have also explored something I like and support, which is wind power. Learn something new to explore more. 

  • Villager house using solar panels from Okra Company in Kampong Speu province. know more about Okra: https://www.okrasolar.com/
Trip to ISPP to see their solar system.


Presentation from Mr. Sophorn from Blue circle company.
Know more about blue circle: http://www.thebluecircle.sg/ 


To be honest, I have been excited for this exploration since the beginning of the year and still excited in the last round of the school year. Acting is always on my passion list. When I set plans or goals, it would always be on the top. In addition, I have heard that we have abroad facilitators from LA – Los Angeles is always been my dream city- which makes me, even more, exhilarating for this exploration. 

The two stars from LA

Lianne O’Shea
Aviv Rubinstien

 Finally, round five is coming. Lianne O’ shea is our acting facilitator and Aviv Rubinstien as our filming and writer facilitator. They are quite famous. Lianne has been in a lot of movies. Aviv has been a director, writer, and editor a lot. We spend the first week to know each other. The rest are all learning about different thing in the film industry. 


Storytelling, everyone loves story. Everyone can tell stories in different ways with different techniques. However, the best story will always need something called, Conflict. If your story has no conflict, it would be a documentary or a boring story. We also learn about monomyth, known as the hero’s journey, which is another step leading your story to be even more interesting. Screenplay, is the script for filming. After learning about everything, we wrote it all in screenplay application call Fade In.


“There are 2, 799, 360 shots that you can have in your film, so don’t only just have wide shot and wide shot the whole movie,” Aviv told us with caution. We explored size of shots, angle of shot, lens, aperture, motion, and iso, which is short for SALAMI. We learn a lot, by a lot I meant a lot.


I had two weeks to learn acting with Lianne. Acting is so much fun. I just realize that actors also need as much warm up as the athletics, since they need to express their feeling and emotion a lot. We had a lot of warm up and learn different fun activities with Lianne. She teaches us different techniques to be a successful actor. “You need to know about your character,” she told us gently. In order to know about your character, you need to know their desire, and the given circumstance to the character. It sounds really simple, but it’s not that straightforward either. We also practice by using different scene. One of them is the shoulder touching from Into the Spider Verse movie. It was really gratification to try it with our friend and it’s also challenging.

My Screenplay

We have two weeks to produce a short film ( about ten minutes). First, our facilitators, Aviv, Lianne, A-J and Jillian ( A-J and Jillian are coming from Los Angeles to assist us with filming) select the top three script, that is producible, has a good story plot and fun to make. My screenplay was one of the top three. Wow, UNBELIEVABLE! Next, we read the three screenplays together in order to select the one that we all want to produce. Reach and Raksa screenplays are really amazing. I can imagine when we shoot Reach’s screenplay, it is going to be really fun to shot this film. Raksa’s screenplay is really marvelous with a really cool story plot. When it’s the turn to read my script, everyone started to blush with surprise reactions. When it comes to decision, mine was selected. However, I like everyone screenplay, and I think they are unique in different ways.

Read: The Three of You (Stupid Love)

The Three of You is the title of my screenplay. The Three of You is about teenage love. Selfishness, switching couple, triangle love, selfish love – love someone for self-benefit – are the reasons for writing this story. “One day, I’ll write the story” I have promised myself until I am in this exploration. On the last week of our exploration, I and my classmate are working on producing the film. Wait to watch this mind-blowing short film! 

Watch our film: The Three of You

Big Thanks to Aviv and Lianne. What you have gave: me is more a precious diamond because instead of giving me the diamond, you give me the knowledge of finding diamonds by myself. 


Outdoor Leadership

Have you ever known that you can find your way back home by using your watch? Honestly, I did not. Have you ever known that there are hornbills and pine tree in Cambodia? I did not, and it amazed me when I know it. It all comes in one in Outdoor Leadership exploration. Base on the name, we explore thing outdoor with leadership. During these seven weeks, we observe nature, learn about caring and loving nature, emergency first aid and living with nature. We went to two trips. The first trip was in Kirirom and that was the time I realized that Cambodia has hornbills and pine trees. We trekked for hours to reach our goal, heaven cliff and it is the cliff of heaven. After we arrived there, we did a lot of activities. One of my favorites is roasting marshmallows. It’s hard to get the good taste of marshmallow because you need to pass the hot fire and stay for a while to wait for it until it is brown and that’s when it is a perfectly roasted marshmallow. After three weeks, we went on the second trip to Mondulkiri. We camp near the valley and we spend two days on trucking to discover the hidden waterfall in the forest. The water was cold and there are a lot of wild guppies swimming around. I also saw one fish that looks like a gecko. I don’t know why, but it swims and then pause. I really want to get it into my palm, but I’m afraid that it would be poison or something. However, I finally got it into my palm since it did not move that fast and also because I really love fishes. It was a memorable moment. We trekked back. In total, I think we trekked more than 20 km in both days. I was tired but at the same time it worth it. I found out a thing that I’ve never known, I also realized that I love trekking so much now.

Indigenous Community

My round 3 exploration is indigenous community. In Cambodia, there are at least 19 groups of different indigenous people all over in Cambodia. Some of them such as Pnong, and Kreung. However, the other indigenous groups, not many of Cambodians know that they exist. After my facilitator, Bunthan saw this problem, he created an exploration which is indigenous community to promote and to raise everyone’s awareness that they actually exist. The two indigenous groups that we were focusing on are Stieng in Krate and Kui in Preh Vihear. There are 16 of us and we were divided into two groups, which are video group with 7 members and 9 members of the book group. By the end of our exploration, we expected to create 7 videos about Stieng and one book about Kui. I am one of the book members.

We went to Krate and Preah Vihear to collect all of the information about their community. During the trip, I’ve noticed that they were just like us, accept their daily life and their langue. For Stieng, I think they are no longer an indigenous group anymore because of their daily life, clothes, langue, and tradition is time by time turn into typical Cambodians. However, Kui people still speak their langue and follow their belief with the big population.

When we back from the trip, we were trying to write a book and editing our video. After we finished our book, we think we should come back to the community to verify the things that need to be changed. We’ve print our first version of the book along the trip. We finally, made a lot of changes. Hopefully, we can print our second version book soon and hand it out to different places to promote Cambodia indigenous groups.

Traditional Food


In the second round of the year, my exploration was traditional food. As the name of this exploration, we were doing research on the different type of Khmer traditional food, how do food interact with humans, and story behind those foods. The goals of this exploration are to have knowledge of Khmer traditional food and one website that contains documentary film, photo essay, and journalism writing.

  • Group photo at Cuisine Wat Damnak

To reach our goal, we went to different restaurants in Siem Reap to seek out different Khmer cuisine in this tourism province. The restaurants that we went to are Mahob, Cuisine Watdomnak, and the Sugar Palm.

  • Khmer rice noodle maker is sitting on the wood, so the noodle would press out from the noodle press machine.

One of our traditional food is Khmer rice noodle. This food is so common for Cambodians, but I’ve never seen how’s it made. Until this four days trip, I can know clearly of each process to make Khmer rice noodle.

My teammates and I started interviewing, filming and taking photos to get all the sources that we need to create each of our products. During the trip, we met some problems such as losing some footages and interviewing problems.   

With all the hard work, We’ve done all of our products and have it post into our blog.

Community Documentary

On the first round of the third year at Liger, I was one of the members in the “Community Documentary” exploration (a type of project to explore new thing and find our passion). In this exploration, we were creating some products that would capture information and allow communities to share with future generations.

On the first week we were learning some basic skill, such as interviewing skills. We also thought about what kind of product that we want to create. We found that 4 products that suited our needs the most; podcasts, videos, blogs and photos, therefore we decided at the end of our initial investigation to utilize these products. The facilitators asked us to identify our interest level in each product in order to split us into groups. Each group would work on a particular product. I was one of the 8 members in the video team. Making videos was my second choice, however, I tried my best to make this product as good as possible. “I really want to be an agent for change in Cambodia and encourage people into education, I learned how to use a video camera and started to look at the process around making a documentary. By the end of the first week, I felt I was able to make a worthwhile contribution to the team.

Even though we had the idea of making videos but my team and I still did not know what topic we needed to focus on yet, so we had a pre-trip on the second week to explore the topics. We visited four villages in Kampong Speu;  Srey Sompong, Tropaing Leap, Chrok Popul, and Prey Ansear. It was a two days trip and I felt really anxious the day before because I was not sure how to plan for this pre-trip. I found it harder in class than being in the real situation. Because our exploration collaborated with World Renew we were introduced to World Renew students as we traveled as we were working with them. Working with them was really pleasurable. During the trip, my team were very flexible and had a positive attitude, this made the trip more enjoyable and productive.. We received a lot of good information for each of our products from this pre-trip.

We started to gather all the information that we got from the pre-trip when we arrived at school the following week. My video team’s idea was to create three videos with three different topics. They are; education for Srey Sompong, jobs for Tropaing Leap, financial institution for Prey Ansear and Chrok Popul. We have made the decision of having one topic for two different villages because of these two villages have the same community bank, which let the villager borrow or save the money with 2 % interest. Next, two-day trips to create our products was planned, while we shared our knowledge of using cameras, video camera, creating blogs, and podcasts to World Renew students at our school. Our team had to ensure we planned our project very clearly as we were a large team so we wanted to make sure everyone knew what they were doing and when things were due.

The trip went to plan. We set up our equipment, then we divided into groups based on the products so we could interview people, as planned, with specific topics for each village. we had to walk a lot during the trip in order to collect information and images for our product. The main problem the video team faced was the fact we were not able to meet with the people we had planned to interview because they were out for farming. Fortunately, we have two World Renew students from our team, who could help us figure out a solution to that problem, by introducing us to different people that we can be interviewed. We also had meetings for each night during the trip, so we could discuss as well as sharing experiences with what we had done during the daytime trip. Even though it was a challenging and tiring day, our team still showed our optimism and enjoyment for this trip, consequently, the video team got a lot of good video and information.

All the videos, photos, and information were assembled by each team. The video team uploaded the video and picture that we needed from all the of the cameras. The next thing that we had decided was which program that we should use to edit the documentary video. Most of my teammates recommend ‘Premium Pro Adobe’ because it makes a good quality video and many of the team have prior knowledge of how to use this product. Even though I was not familiar with this programme I decided, I decided to use it because of most of my teammate’s agreement. I was not the only who did not know anything about Premium Pro, so we learned together as a team. “After we had become familiar with and learned how to use the programme each team member started the job they had been allocated to. with Premium Pro, we started to do our jobs that have roled for each person in the team. Cheta and I were editing one of the three videos which were for Srey Sompong, the topic was education. I gave a lot of ideas to Chetra for our video and felt a great deal of trust from working with Chetra. We had a lot of challenges since Premium Pro is an advanced program and one of the main problems was our laptops were not working well. Moreover, there was not enough information for our video, so we needed to contact the other team to create a better video. We have lots of comments as well as changes from our facilitator (Cindy) for our video as the result, our video was created successfully because of our hard work.

When we had finished this product, we had planned to show them to the villagers, so we planned our final trip on 3rd October. In order to show the villagers our product, we needed to prepare the materials for the presentation such as; projectors, speakers, blank sheets to project etc. For this trip, we divided our team (base on our product) into two because we were going to different villages at the same time. We needed to be on the bus at 5 am to be on time in order to present to each village. After we arrived there, we started to set up the materials to present. Unfortunately, I had not given the correct video to the other team, I took full responsibility for this and felt so bad that I had let my team down. As they arrived there, Chornson who is one of my  members call me on the phone said that they did not have any video, so I swiftly took my USB from my bag that has a copy of Tropaing Leap village video to the driver, who drove back from Tropaing Leap to get the USB, so they can present. I felt so frustrated that time. However, my friends encouraged me by saying that it was not my fault, and it can be a good experience. when it came time to present, I did it well and was confident. After my team and I had shown the video to the people in Srey Sompong village, which was about education, it seemed like it was an effective video. They said they really want to have their children have a good education. They also told us that it was the right thing to do and encouraged us to keep doing it.

I felt really righteous to be a part of this exploration because I have helped to change people’s opinions by just making a video. I hope there will be future projects on community documentary exploration so we can keep helping our community. I really want to be an agent for change in Cambodia and encourage people into education