English Literacy Round 2

For this term, we are focusing on social and environmental justice. One of our goals is drawing evidence from literary or informational texts for support. One of our activities is debating. For me personally, debating is not what I am interested in. However, our topic was so interesting which is “School should stop the practice of giving a letter grade to students, instead they should only writing feedback”. I was in disagree to the topic because grade tells where students are so they can improve, and they are standard and understandable for parents, so parents would not find any difficulties of understanding how their children’s performance in classes. For my classmates, there are 6 people disagrees to the topic, 7 people agree and the other two were absent. Different opinions are added to this debate because people are different in their own way. During the debate, everyone was trying to support their idea with different credible references with respect. For my class, 55 minutes of debating is too short since it went so smoothly. By the end of this debate, I am more into it now.

Traditional Food


In the second round of the year, my exploration was traditional food. As the name of this exploration, we were doing research on the different type of Khmer traditional food, how do food interact with humans, and story behind those foods. The goals of this exploration are to have knowledge of Khmer traditional food and one website that contains documentary film, photo essay, and journalism writing.

  • Group photo at Cuisine Wat Damnak

To reach our goal, we went to different restaurants in Siem Reap to seek out different Khmer cuisine in this tourism province. The restaurants that we went to are Mahob, Cuisine Watdomnak, and the Sugar Palm.

  • Khmer rice noodle maker is sitting on the wood, so the noodle would press out from the noodle press machine.

One of our traditional food is Khmer rice noodle. This food is so common for Cambodians, but I’ve never seen how’s it made. Until this four days trip, I can know clearly of each process to make Khmer rice noodle.

My teammates and I started interviewing, filming and taking photos to get all the sources that we need to create each of our products. During the trip, we met some problems such as losing some footages and interviewing problems.   

With all the hard work, We’ve done all of our products and have it post into our blog.

Technology/Multimedia Round 1

In multimedia/technology class we were focusing on digital storytelling, photography, and videography. For digital storytelling, our facilitator, Cindy was using Pixar story structure as an example for us to understand more about the lesson.

Pixar Story Structure:

Onece upon the time…………..


Until one day…………………………

Because of that…………………….

Because of that…………………….

Until finally………………………………

My classmates and I also write stories by using the Pixar story structure. Below is a story that I have written in a class. Its title is “The Liar”.

                                                            The Liar


There was an older brother who named Jazz lives with his younger sister, Emily. Jazz is a liar, who lie everything to everyone. Jazz found himself enjoy telling a lied. Every day, he kept telling everyone a lied, especially Emily. One day Jazz told Emily that “ Dear Emily, do you know that our parent is in New York with their business?”. After Emily hearing that, she suddenly asked the following up question since she’s never seen her parent for 13 years since she was born. “Which part of New York are they in? What kind of company are they running? Why they’ve never been visiting us? Why would not I ever hear any news from them? Are they alright?”. Emily asked so many questions with wonder and love inside her heart. “I won’t tell you, Emily. Don’t you think it is mysterious? Would you like to found it out by yourself? That would be a surprise behind that”. Jazz told Emily. “Can we visit them Jazz? I want to see them once”. Emily suddenly request. “No, not that early.” Jazz replied. Emily kept asking Jazz to visit their parent, but Jazz kept disagree. “I am going to meet them no matter what,” Emily told her mind. She left Jazz secretly with her plan and her saving money with her. Emily finally arrived in New York without knowing nobody. “Wow! It is a big city, but I am going to do it. I am going meet them!” Emily said confidently. Back to Jazz, since he realized that Emily was going to New York, he was right straight followed Emily. Jazz was asking and looking for Emily, but no news about his sister. Until one day, Jazz accidentally saw Emily laid on the road with blood bleeding through her whole body. “What’s going on Emily?” Jazz asked with his a drop of crystal rolling on his cheek. “ I love you Jazz, I really want to meet our parent, but I know that I would never meet them,” She told Jazz. “ Because it is my laaaasst timmmee of being on this Earth” she continued with a hard time to breath “I am so sorry Emily, but our parents are all died since you were 5 months, I should not lie you about that. I am so sorry” Jazz felt so sorrow about the thing that’s happened. “I can forgive for that, but promise me that next time you won’t lie anyone” said Emily. “ I will not lie anyone anymore!” Jazz replied with his tear all over on his cheek. Emily’s hand dropped down from Jazz’s cheek. “Emily!!!”. Jazz tried to wake Emily up, but she’s gone and will never return back. “I’ll try my best not to lie anyone” Jazz promised himself.


STEM Round 2

Chemical bonding was the main focusing for this round. As we went along, we found out that there are three types of chemical bondings which are Covalent bonding, Ionic bonding, and metallic bonding. Covalent bonding is a type of bonding that nonmetal element shares electron to another nonmetal electron to be stable. For an example, Carbon dioxide. Ionic bonding is a bonding that metal element transfer their electron to nonmetal electron. Sodium Chloride is one of the examples. Sodium with 11 electrons and chloride with 17 electrons. In order to be stable Sodium need to lose one electron and Chloride need to gain one electron to be stable. Sodium donates one electron to Chloride then Sodium becomes positive and Chloride becomes negative after it gains one more electron. Metallic bonding is a force attraction between a positive metal ion and valence electron, it shares with an ion with other metal. Chemical bonding is so important, and if we don’t have chemical bonding we would not have different type of matters. I was really amazed to element world after learning chemical bonding because I did not know that they are able to share and transfer their electron to another element. Ohh! Kind element.

Math Round 2

Geometry is our main focus for this term in math class. We started with finding area of different type of geometry shapes. Some of those shapes were so unusual and I have never seen them before. Finding the area of different odd shapes is a not a difficult thing. However, in order to find their area, I need to draw different line crossing everywhere in my book. I also find myself enjoy doing it. The next lesson was a more challenge, which is surface area. It was actually finding the area of different 3D shapes. To know more about those 3D shape, our facilitator, Samantha also printed some net for us to create those 3D shape physically. This lesson is so special for me because I like drawing 3D shape from different perspectives, such as 3 point perspective, 2 point perspective and 1 point perspective of different geometry shapes. One strategy that we learn from our facilitator, Samantha to finding surface area was to mentally unfold that 3D shape  into shape, then find out of the area of each type of 2D shapes that made up that 3D shape. The following lesson was ratio. The ratio is the relationship between two amount, it shows how many times one number contain one another. One thing that makes ration so special is that they can be simplified, just like fractions.


This is a 3D drawing of three-point perspective. 


Khmer Literacy Round 2

Reading Kolab Pailin was one of the activities that we did in Khmer class. Kolab Pailin is one of the most famous Cambodia novels. This famous novel talks about how Chet who is an orphan tried to push himself up through all the challenges for his success life. As we were reading this book to the whole class, I have been a narrator. It was my first experience being a narrator for both in Khmer and English. Our facilitator encourages us to read it with a certain voice base on each scene in the story. It was a fun time reading Kolab Pailin. However, there are some challenges that can be a great experience such as we went along some of us started to laugh and confusing the script too. We also did some research about Khmer water festival, which is one of our holidays since it was close to celebrating date. The history of this celebration is, there was a war between Cambodia and other countries and Cambodia were successful by the support from Cambodia water army. That is the main reason of celebrating water festival by having boat racing every year.

This is Kolab Pailin that we’ve read in Class. 

Community Documentary

On the first round of the third year at Liger, I was one of the members in the “Community Documentary” exploration (a type of project to explore new thing and find our passion). In this exploration, we were creating some products that would capture information and allow communities to share with future generations.

On the first week we were learning some basic skill, such as interviewing skills. We also thought about what kind of product that we want to create. We found that 4 products that suited our needs the most; podcasts, videos, blogs and photos, therefore we decided at the end of our initial investigation to utilize these products. The facilitators asked us to identify our interest level in each product in order to split us into groups. Each group would work on a particular product. I was one of the 8 members in the video team. Making videos was my second choice, however, I tried my best to make this product as good as possible. “I really want to be an agent for change in Cambodia and encourage people into education, I learned how to use a video camera and started to look at the process around making a documentary. By the end of the first week, I felt I was able to make a worthwhile contribution to the team.

Even though we had the idea of making videos but my team and I still did not know what topic we needed to focus on yet, so we had a pre-trip on the second week to explore the topics. We visited four villages in Kampong Speu;  Srey Sompong, Tropaing Leap, Chrok Popul, and Prey Ansear. It was a two days trip and I felt really anxious the day before because I was not sure how to plan for this pre-trip. I found it harder in class than being in the real situation. Because our exploration collaborated with World Renew we were introduced to World Renew students as we traveled as we were working with them. Working with them was really pleasurable. During the trip, my team were very flexible and had a positive attitude, this made the trip more enjoyable and productive.. We received a lot of good information for each of our products from this pre-trip.

We started to gather all the information that we got from the pre-trip when we arrived at school the following week. My video team’s idea was to create three videos with three different topics. They are; education for Srey Sompong, jobs for Tropaing Leap, financial institution for Prey Ansear and Chrok Popul. We have made the decision of having one topic for two different villages because of these two villages have the same community bank, which let the villager borrow or save the money with 2 % interest. Next, two-day trips to create our products was planned, while we shared our knowledge of using cameras, video camera, creating blogs, and podcasts to World Renew students at our school. Our team had to ensure we planned our project very clearly as we were a large team so we wanted to make sure everyone knew what they were doing and when things were due.

The trip went to plan. We set up our equipment, then we divided into groups based on the products so we could interview people, as planned, with specific topics for each village. we had to walk a lot during the trip in order to collect information and images for our product. The main problem the video team faced was the fact we were not able to meet with the people we had planned to interview because they were out for farming. Fortunately, we have two World Renew students from our team, who could help us figure out a solution to that problem, by introducing us to different people that we can be interviewed. We also had meetings for each night during the trip, so we could discuss as well as sharing experiences with what we had done during the daytime trip. Even though it was a challenging and tiring day, our team still showed our optimism and enjoyment for this trip, consequently, the video team got a lot of good video and information.

All the videos, photos, and information were assembled by each team. The video team uploaded the video and picture that we needed from all the of the cameras. The next thing that we had decided was which program that we should use to edit the documentary video. Most of my teammates recommend ‘Premium Pro Adobe’ because it makes a good quality video and many of the team have prior knowledge of how to use this product. Even though I was not familiar with this programme I decided, I decided to use it because of most of my teammate’s agreement. I was not the only who did not know anything about Premium Pro, so we learned together as a team. “After we had become familiar with and learned how to use the programme each team member started the job they had been allocated to. with Premium Pro, we started to do our jobs that have roled for each person in the team. Cheta and I were editing one of the three videos which were for Srey Sompong, the topic was education. I gave a lot of ideas to Chetra for our video and felt a great deal of trust from working with Chetra. We had a lot of challenges since Premium Pro is an advanced program and one of the main problems was our laptops were not working well. Moreover, there was not enough information for our video, so we needed to contact the other team to create a better video. We have lots of comments as well as changes from our facilitator (Cindy) for our video as the result, our video was created successfully because of our hard work.

When we had finished this product, we had planned to show them to the villagers, so we planned our final trip on 3rd October. In order to show the villagers our product, we needed to prepare the materials for the presentation such as; projectors, speakers, blank sheets to project etc. For this trip, we divided our team (base on our product) into two because we were going to different villages at the same time. We needed to be on the bus at 5 am to be on time in order to present to each village. After we arrived there, we started to set up the materials to present. Unfortunately, I had not given the correct video to the other team, I took full responsibility for this and felt so bad that I had let my team down. As they arrived there, Chornson who is one of my  members call me on the phone said that they did not have any video, so I swiftly took my USB from my bag that has a copy of Tropaing Leap village video to the driver, who drove back from Tropaing Leap to get the USB, so they can present. I felt so frustrated that time. However, my friends encouraged me by saying that it was not my fault, and it can be a good experience. when it came time to present, I did it well and was confident. After my team and I had shown the video to the people in Srey Sompong village, which was about education, it seemed like it was an effective video. They said they really want to have their children have a good education. They also told us that it was the right thing to do and encouraged us to keep doing it.

I felt really righteous to be a part of this exploration because I have helped to change people’s opinions by just making a video. I hope there will be future projects on community documentary exploration so we can keep helping our community. I really want to be an agent for change in Cambodia and encourage people into education

Khmer Literacy

For this year, I have 5 hours per week for Khmer essential. For the first week, we were doing research in teams about “ thing that we need to do in networking even”. After doing research, we did the presentation to the rest of the class. It was not that rough for me because I and the rest of the juniors cohort have done the networking event right before. The networking event required us to represent successful business people, then we did some research about that person, finally, we pretend that we have never known each other before in the even, so we can get to know each other. The second week was similar to the first week, but this week our topic is “Formal Interview”. For the last three weeks, we were required to write some poems. It quite difficult for me because I did not get to know every type of poems. However, these are what I have done so far for this round. 

សុខទាំងប្រាំមួយប្រការ Poem’s title: Six Happiness. ( PDF)

ការសំពះទាំង៥ ប្រភេទ Poem’s title: five type of Cambodia greeting (PDF)


English Literacy Round 1

Starting the third year at Liger, it seemed a little different and more delightful. The first round in English Literacy class, we would have English literacy class start with daily positive affirmation. Doing positive affirmation empower us to have positive thoughts from negative thoughts over time. The themes that we taking in English literacy this first round was root words and history of English language/etymology. We received homework packets, which are the introduction with some exercise with the root words every week for this round. On Monday we usually took a little quiz about our root words. On the third week, our root word was talked about “I just gotta know”. One of the three root words from “I just gotta know” was mem, which means mindful, recall that is originally from Latin. To discuss the root words, our facilitator, Hannah asked to write a personal narrative that describes the memory that I’ve had with my family members. I wrote about the time that I could feel my younger sister in my mother’s belly. I decided to write about this memory because I have changed my mind from thinking selfishly to love and be kind to my younger sister. Here is my personal narrative writing.  

                                                The Time I Can feel You

A memory that is meaningful and unforgettable to me? Well, I can’t forget the time that I felt my sister in my mother’s belly though. It was a really breathtaking experience, that I should remember. So, the time I can feel her is my unerasable memory.

It made me feel so nervous to have a sibling because “I need to share my love my time and also my parent to that person”, that what I always thought when started to know that my mom was pregnant. Something engaging happened in one day of 365 days in 2011, I started to feel someone who has not seen this gigantic world yet. That person was a girl who lived in my mom’s stomach. I would say it was my first time to experience this cool thing because I could not find this kind of thing in every woman’s stomach. In that evening, I sat near my mom, so she could tell me a fairy tale. However, something has made her speak improperly. I heard a fairy tale told with a sound bouncing up and down like a nonworking CD. Later on, my mom grabbed my hand softly, then put it on her stomach. I started to feel my sister moving around in my mom’s belly. I was so surprised, then I took my hand back off. After a while, I tried to play with my sister. I know that she would know who I am, so she started to play with me back. She moved around a small space, and I tried to guess where she was. It seemed like there was a fish trying to get out of the balloon. It was also similar to playing hide and seek in the different world.

That moment, that feeling makes me love my sister more and it always makes me feel that my sister always loves me. “ I will love my sister forever, ever!” I promised myself.

STEM Round 1

The third year at Liger, we don’t have STEM class every week, since this class needs to share with Multimedia/Technology. The theme that we focus in STEM class the first round was Physic. We started the first week with the introduction to physic and matter. It seemed so brand new thing to me. However, I was still excited to learn and explore more about it. I was reading and do a lot of research about the lesson to help me understand more about the topic. In the second week, we were digging farther about matter. We also started to learn more about atom, which one of the constituents that made matter. The only fun fact about me in STEM class, the more I learn, the more I wonder.