Math round 1

I have promised myself to learn algebra during summer break. However, I did not practice or do further research on it. Last year, I said in my math round 5 post that “Other math teachers always tell their students that algebra always needs in life. ” Actually, my new math facilitator, Jeff said that we don’t need any algebra in our life. The only reason we need to study complicated algebra and complex calculus is we need it for continuing university and college. “Why do we need it in university?” as we keep asking, our facilitator said “To prove the university that we are able to do something complicated”. I think that some of the class may not be useful for us in the future. For an example, if you know that you are going to be an actor, algebra and STEM would don’t be helpful. For this round, we are fully into algebra. It’s hard to be in the class for the first couple of days, because we have new facilitator and the lesson is thorny. I did not know him that well before. As the days went by, I really like the way that he teaches. “Fun” and also productive at the same time. For algebra, the concept itself is easy to understand. However, when it comes to exercise, it always asks to do a mile further than the lesson. To get the answer right is easy, but to figure out  strategies that can help to solve others similar exercises is hard. To understand what your facilitator said is easy, but to ask a good question is not. To explain it to yourself is easy. However it’s not easy to explain it to the others. To learn with a facilitator that you don’t know well is hard for the first couple days, but it’s not for the rest. Math is not complicated if we think that it’s not. The matter is not about the facilitator or the exercises. We need to practice and to be opened. Be ready for a university or college, practice your algebra now. 

Math Round 5


Algebra is one of everyone’s fears. This round, we fully get into algebra basic. I have learned some basic algebra before. However, I forgot most of it.  Algebra makes no sense. For example, A+B = 24, it does not make any sense in this case. However, it might in other cases. Other math teachers always tell their students that algebra always needs in life. Well, everyone doesn’t need algebra to live, but it would be good to live with knowing how to use algebra. It is such a pain for everyone this round. “The more you go the harder it would be.” this phrase seems to be everywhere around campus. For me, it’s hard to learn algebra, but as long as I go farther, I could catch more thing along the way with the help of different observation. For example, if I am to solving algebra equation problem, I would give myself a smaller number. Instead of 125 pages in 59 minutes, I would think in my head as 10 pages in 6 minutes for an example. It would give me a quicker and easier to find the way to solve the problem. Again, you don’t need to algebra to live your life, but your life would be much easier with knowing algebra. Since I want to have a better life, I would practice and learn more algebra during the summer break to get ready for math class next year.

Math Round 4

We learned three textbooks at the same time because of our facilitator, Sam thinks that they all have the same lesson, but they get more advance at each level. Those three textbooks are 5B, 6A, and 6B. One of the lessons this round is angle. I don’t think I’m good at angle anyway.  In addition, I was on a trip the whole week, while my other classmates learn about angle. On 1st April, I came up to class and there’s a practice exercise on the board. I paused because I don’t know how to solve that problem. Later my friend asked me if I want some help. With my friend help, I could solve it. This was the first time that I was not able to solve a math problem in math class. The reason was that I don’t know the secret of angle, and I want to tell you so then you would able to solve angle problems. The secret is, a triangle has three angles and the sum of those three angles equal to 180 degrees and quadrilateral has four angles and the sum of those four angles equal to 360 degrees. Later I could solve angle problems easily when I know those secret.

Math Round 3

On the first week of the round, we moved to the next level, which is 5 B. The first lesson that we learned was decimal. Similar to fraction, it’s always amazing and makes my day so stress out. There are so many math works such as multiplying, subtraction, division and adding. Multiplying is always make me so confusing and I made a lot of mistake such as 6 * 8 = 56. Plus, with decimal, it made my brain explode. This mistake always keeps my class so crowded because of hearing me and my teammates laughing. To them it is funny. However, to me, it is a headache and stressful. I meant I am fine to do the multiple. However, when it came to the checking point, I’ve used the most of my eraser. Hopefully, I can get better with multiplying.

Math Round 2

Geometry is our main focus for this term in math class. We started with finding area of different type of geometry shapes. Some of those shapes were so unusual and I have never seen them before. Finding the area of different odd shapes is a not a difficult thing. However, in order to find their area, I need to draw different line crossing everywhere in my book. I also find myself enjoy doing it. The next lesson was a more challenge, which is surface area. It was actually finding the area of different 3D shapes. To know more about those 3D shape, our facilitator, Samantha also printed some net for us to create those 3D shape physically. This lesson is so special for me because I like drawing 3D shape from different perspectives, such as 3 point perspective, 2 point perspective and 1 point perspective of different geometry shapes. One strategy that we learn from our facilitator, Samantha to finding surface area was to mentally unfold that 3D shape  into shape, then find out of the area of each type of 2D shapes that made up that 3D shape. The following lesson was ratio. The ratio is the relationship between two amount, it shows how many times one number contain one another. One thing that makes ration so special is that they can be simplified, just like fractions.


This is a 3D drawing of three-point perspective. 


Math Round 1

Math class is my world. I love math and always relish the time we spend in math class. The first week of math class we had a lot of math reviews since we were back from the summer holiday break. After reviewing, we started to have our new mathematics book in the second week, which is primary mathematics 5A from Singapore. The same as the other mathematics books, it starts with really easy math problems. In this breathtaking book, we started with the whole number problems, more calculations with whole numbers, multiply and divide fractions. One thing that attracted my attention the most was multiple fractions. The reasons that it is really fascinating because normally when we multiply something with something else, we would expect a greater number. However, for the fraction is different. I had lots of questions about it and I consistently asked my facilitator about it until she revealed the truth. The truth is multiplication fraction by itself is an operation. As the result, it does not only multiple, it also a division. When my facilitator disclosed my wonder, I felt so fresh and relax because I have no more doubt. To make the class more fascinating, my facilitator also included some online games that related to the lesson. It makes me want to say that “Math is always a fun class to me”.