STEM Round 1

The third year at Liger, we don’t have STEM class every week, since this class needs to share with Multimedia/Technology. The theme that we focus in STEM class the first round was Physic. We started the first week with the introduction to physic and matter. It seemed so brand new thing to me. However, I was still excited to learn and explore more about it. I was reading and do a lot of research about the lesson to help me understand more about the topic. In the second week, we were digging farther about matter. We also started to learn more about atom, which one of the constituents that made matter. The only fun fact about me in STEM class, the more I learn, the more I wonder.

Multimedia/Technology Round 1

For this year, we have both Multimedia/Technology class and STEM in the same hour, but this thing works with taking turn. For an example, If I have STEM this week, so next week I will have Multimedia/ Technology. The first week of this essential, we got to learn some basics about research skill. It started with how do we begin with research, the primary resource/ secondary resource, and some useful tips about doing research on google. I also got practice using the lessons that we have learned. It is a really useful lesson because I do a lot of research in my writing, as well as in class. The second week of technology/multimedia class, we started to do some Adobe programs such as Adobe Indesign, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop. They are brand new programs for me. However, as I got some help from my classmate and my facilitator, I can go along and enjoy these new things. From now on I can develop my work such as photos, pictures, and posters by using those programs. 

Before editing in Adobe Lightroom. 

After editing in Adobe Lightroom. ( I was focusing on this firefly’s flash) 

PDF of Multimedia and Technology class assignment

Math Round 1

Math class is my world. I love math and always relish the time we spend in math class. The first week of math class we had a lot of math reviews since we were back from the summer holiday break. After reviewing, we started to have our new mathematics book in the second week, which is primary mathematics 5A from Singapore. The same as the other mathematics books, it starts with really easy math problems. In this breathtaking book, we started with the whole number problems, more calculations with whole numbers, multiply and divide fractions. One thing that attracted my attention the most was multiple fractions. The reasons that it is really fascinating because normally when we multiply something with something else, we would expect a greater number. However, for the fraction is different. I had lots of questions about it and I consistently asked my facilitator about it until she revealed the truth. The truth is multiplication fraction by itself is an operation. As the result, it does not only multiple, it also a division. When my facilitator disclosed my wonder, I felt so fresh and relax because I have no more doubt. To make the class more fascinating, my facilitator also included some online games that related to the lesson. It makes me want to say that “Math is always a fun class to me”.


After the first year been past really fast. One thing that I notice and wanted to do for the second year was joining Technovation ( a program that let girls participate in technology and business to create some applications for solving the problems in their communities).

What we can really do in this program is to explore out the problems in our communities and trying to create applications to solve those problems.  Because I really want to join this program so badly, I have been set up the group, the name of the group, the idea and even some of the works. In my team, there are five members, who are I ( business), Angely (Leader/business ), Bopha (code), Wathna (code), and Votey (business). There are three members of our team are from my room, so we were able to discuss a lot about it. Our team name is Five Infinities. Our app name is Mirra, which is trying to solve mental health.  

Finally, on January 10th, 2018, I officially sign up to join Technovation and form the group in this program. We were working really hard on our idea to reach our goal. We’ve just realized that there is another group in our school has the same idea as us, too. In addition, we started to know that our idea kind of does not work really fluently. However, we still continued and fought for this idea.

On 22nd February 2018, we were really struggling with our idea. We really know that it does not work, while we were doing customer research. We did a video call to get to know the new idea that Angely was trying to introduce to us. This new idea is about M.E.P ( Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing). Angely told us that this there is a problem with the lack of connection between Customers ( who are facing M.E.P problems) and Suppliers ( who are M.E.P experts ). Some of us don’t really like this idea much for the first time hearing it. I and my team started to love and get closer to it. We were working really hard to improve our application. Because of our hard-working, our app works really well and we were ready for our min pitch which was about to happen.

Our app connects the customers and suppliers, help Supplier to Post the information of them, Customer can Post the problems, customer and supplier are able to contact by using contact functions, conditions and terms are shown, Location showed, and all of the things make our app convenient to use.

on  29th April 2018, we got an opportunity to present our idea to the audiences and the judges. We were up on the stage and believed to do our best to the judges. However, the admin there confused to show the wrong slide presentation. We started to feel worried about it, and unfortunately, we did not finish the last statement that we have a plan. After having our presentation, the judges started to ask us questions. We answered the questions really well, but one thing that still in our mind is we did not finish our statement ” Customer no need to worry about Mechanical, Electricity and plumbing problems, for suppliers you can earn more money” . When we back off the stage, our mentor gave us a high five to each member of our team to encourage. When we arrived to our seats,  one of our members was crying really hard because she thought that we were not going to be selected for national pitch. It was a really long time to wait for the result, so we went back to our school. We were doing our homework as usual afternoon. About 3 pm, our mentor told us to open hangout to see a live of the result. It was a really long to time to set up. I was ready for it. My team and another team carefully listened to the result, too. It was the 11th team and I have not heard our team name yet. I started to put my middle finger on top of my point finger to wish, then I said “ Five Infinities”. As what expect they’ve called our team name “Five Infinities”. We all jumped around and scream out loud. After knowing that we have been selected, we were back to our slide presentation to be as best as we can.

On 16th May 2018, We also went to Living Iching Decor, which is a company doing a business about decor. Because of they interested in our idea, we were presenting to them as best as we could. After presented to them, we were showing our app and how our app work. They were so impressed with our idea and they also gave us some feedback to improve the idea. At the end of the presentation, Benita Sharp who is the general manager told us that she will use our app 100% if we launch it and if we are not able to launch it she will help us to reach our goal.

Finally, on 20th May 2018, We were doing our best in our presentation. We got a little clue to own the first place national price now because it seemed like we stool all the attention from the audiences and the judges were asking us really hard and unusually questions. While other teams were present, there were some people interview and that made me really excited and nervous to know the result. At the end of this exciting competition, the results were announced. “Junior division winner is going to…. going to…..”. Microphone controller was trying to get us nervous. I started to wish and said really loud “Five Infinities”, then everyone started to look at me while the microphone controller announced our team’s name. 

A picture of our team M.E.P Center as the 1st place national winner. 

M.E.P Center members with our mentors. 

Disabilities Exploration

The second year at Liger Leadership Academy has been past really fast. I have done so many things. I have participated in some interesting opportunities. After I participated in an exploration, (a type of project to explore new thing and find our passionate) which is Disabilities exploration. In this exploration, our facilitator “ Caro” facilitated us to know more about people with disabilities, type of disabilities and the correct words to use with people with disabilities. I started to see some really huge problems for people with disabilities. Those problems are people with disabilities discrimination, looking down on them and do negative things that affect their feeling.   

I started to think more about things that I can help other people to see people with disabilities uniqueness and to be proud of them, so other people would stop doing things that can affect people with disabilities feel. We have decided to choose to have a performance for Sharation (the event that we share the thing that we have done with our exploration to everyone that participate). Because it is fun and relax to have a performance as a Sharation. However, everyone would see the meaning of the performance that we would want to show them so easily, which is no to look down on people with disabilities and no discrimination. This performance was going to be about the boy who has only one arm because of an accident. He was getting incredibly affect his feeling from two of the other students in the school because they are unawareness about the affection for that boy. However, This discrimination was gone from those two student’s mind by getting advice from their teacher and another student.

Finally, our facilitator(Caro) decided to have a performance for Sharation. Everything was set up for Sharation. I and my performance team started to do our best, so everyone would understand our goal.

After having the performance, we started to see that most of the people, who have participated in the performance started to get the main point of our performance. They also really impressed with our acting skill.