Electricity: Economics, Infrastructure & Access Exploration

Passion and work. I have found my passion, acting, and fictional writing. In this round, there are three other explorations, which are storytelling, household garden, and outdoor leadership. Since fictional writing is my passion, I wanted to be in storytelling exploration, which is about writing and publishing children’s books. I had planned during holiday. First my name was there, However, I am in electricity exploration at the end. I was so disappointed.

“Don’t always go with your passion, learn something new”

In this exploration, we learn about different ways to produce electricity, some history of electricity and electricity in Cambodia. Electricity is something brand new to me. I have no idea about it. Not even to define “electricity”. During the exploration, we do a lot of research, went to different places, and interview different people. The goal of this exploration is to explore electricity and also to produce some documents such as writing or video for our senior project, Cambodia Economy website. We did a lot of research about solar power, thermal power, hydropower and wind power. We do some research, went to some of trips then come back and continue our writing. During this exploration, I become a specialist in wind power. I have done a lot of research about wind power and have written an article about it at the end of the exploration. I think I am a big fan of wind power. Cambodia has not had any wind turbines yet. However, there is a company called Blue Circle is planning on building wind turbines on Bokor Mountain, Kampot Province which is my hometown. Other than wind power, I have learned about other resources of electricity. Even though it’s not my passion, I still learn so many things new things from this exploration. I have also explored something I like and support, which is wind power. Learn something new to explore more. 

  • Villager house using solar panels from Okra Company in Kampong Speu province. know more about Okra: https://www.okrasolar.com/
Trip to ISPP to see their solar system.


Presentation from Mr. Sophorn from Blue circle company.
Know more about blue circle: http://www.thebluecircle.sg/ 

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