Math Round 5


Algebra is one of everyone’s fears. This round, we fully get into algebra basic. I have learned some basic algebra before. However, I forgot most of it.  Algebra makes no sense. For example, A+B = 24, it does not make any sense in this case. However, it might in other cases. Other math teachers always tell their students that algebra always needs in life. Well, everyone doesn’t need algebra to live, but it would be good to live with knowing how to use algebra. It is such a pain for everyone this round. “The more you go the harder it would be.” this phrase seems to be everywhere around campus. For me, it’s hard to learn algebra, but as long as I go farther, I could catch more thing along the way with the help of different observation. For example, if I am to solving algebra equation problem, I would give myself a smaller number. Instead of 125 pages in 59 minutes, I would think in my head as 10 pages in 6 minutes for an example. It would give me a quicker and easier to find the way to solve the problem. Again, you don’t need to algebra to live your life, but your life would be much easier with knowing algebra. Since I want to have a better life, I would practice and learn more algebra during the summer break to get ready for math class next year.

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