To be honest, I have been excited for this exploration since the beginning of the year and still excited in the last round of the school year. Acting is always on my passion list. When I set plans or goals, it would always be on the top. In addition, I have heard that we have abroad facilitators from LA – Los Angeles is always been my dream city- which makes me, even more, exhilarating for this exploration. 

The two stars from LA

Lianne O’Shea
Aviv Rubinstien

 Finally, round five is coming. Lianne O’ shea is our acting facilitator and Aviv Rubinstien as our filming and writer facilitator. They are quite famous. Lianne has been in a lot of movies. Aviv has been a director, writer, and editor a lot. We spend the first week to know each other. The rest are all learning about different thing in the film industry. 


Storytelling, everyone loves story. Everyone can tell stories in different ways with different techniques. However, the best story will always need something called, Conflict. If your story has no conflict, it would be a documentary or a boring story. We also learn about monomyth, known as the hero’s journey, which is another step leading your story to be even more interesting. Screenplay, is the script for filming. After learning about everything, we wrote it all in screenplay application call Fade In.


“There are 2, 799, 360 shots that you can have in your film, so don’t only just have wide shot and wide shot the whole movie,” Aviv told us with caution. We explored size of shots, angle of shot, lens, aperture, motion, and iso, which is short for SALAMI. We learn a lot, by a lot I meant a lot.


I had two weeks to learn acting with Lianne. Acting is so much fun. I just realize that actors also need as much warm up as the athletics, since they need to express their feeling and emotion a lot. We had a lot of warm up and learn different fun activities with Lianne. She teaches us different techniques to be a successful actor. “You need to know about your character,” she told us gently. In order to know about your character, you need to know their desire, and the given circumstance to the character. It sounds really simple, but it’s not that straightforward either. We also practice by using different scene. One of them is the shoulder touching from Into the Spider Verse movie. It was really gratification to try it with our friend and it’s also challenging.

My Screenplay

We have two weeks to produce a short film ( about ten minutes). First, our facilitators, Aviv, Lianne, A-J and Jillian ( A-J and Jillian are coming from Los Angeles to assist us with filming) select the top three script, that is producible, has a good story plot and fun to make. My screenplay was one of the top three. Wow, UNBELIEVABLE! Next, we read the three screenplays together in order to select the one that we all want to produce. Reach and Raksa screenplays are really amazing. I can imagine when we shoot Reach’s screenplay, it is going to be really fun to shot this film. Raksa’s screenplay is really marvelous with a really cool story plot. When it’s the turn to read my script, everyone started to blush with surprise reactions. When it comes to decision, mine was selected. However, I like everyone screenplay, and I think they are unique in different ways.

Read: The Three of You (Stupid Love)

The Three of You is the title of my screenplay. The Three of You is about teenage love. Selfishness, switching couple, triangle love, selfish love – love someone for self-benefit – are the reasons for writing this story. “One day, I’ll write the story” I have promised myself until I am in this exploration. On the last week of our exploration, I and my classmate are working on producing the film. Wait to watch this mind-blowing short film! 

Watch our film: The Three of You

Big Thanks to Aviv and Lianne. What you have gave: me is more a precious diamond because instead of giving me the diamond, you give me the knowledge of finding diamonds by myself. 


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