Technology/Multimedia Round 5

This round is one of the coolest rounds for me. We have the whole round ( about three weeks) to work on independence project. We can create our own project base on what we have learned or something related to technology. I personally choose to work on python coding using Trinket. First, I started with the original code that the trinket has provided, then started to add on with the different idea. I started with a secret message, which is already provided, then I started to support the idea with secret emoji, and secret password, together it forms the secret language. I am a little behind the team because I have senior exploration. One thing that is even going worst, which make me a headache is that on the last day of the school year for this class, I realize that I lost my code. My pressure diamond is sunk into the ocean sea. I don’t really know what is going on. However, it is a lot to say with responsibilities.

The sunshine after a bad storming, I got up after an unfortunate circumstance. Now I am working on Photoshop. Photoshop and photography are always been passionate. However, I decided not to work on it because there are a lot of people who were working on photoshop. One of the hardest parts of photoshop a photo is to choose a photo. Sometimes, I have the idea of what I am going to do. However, when I go to my file, there’s no picture that is good enough for my idea. It’s also really difficult to learn how to photoshop each image as we want it to be. However, when those problems come to me, I would search photo on the internet and use Photoshop Essential as my tutorial website. I find myself enjoy doing it, so when I am free, I would photoshop pictures to use my time productivities. Besides making your photo looks cool, photoshop image also make your more creative and more productive. 

Rebel Wilson is a 39 years old Australian actor. I started to know her by Perfect Pitch movie, and I think that she play the character really well, she is such a good actor. In this picture, I blend her picture with a blending color because I think that she is a rock star in my heart. 

What’s about rainbow eyes? It’s seem likes there are not many eyes that have the rainbow color. In this picture, I wanted to show that everyone can be as creative as they can be and see the world in different and many ways. 




 This photo was taken one year ago ( 2018). This is just an experiment that I have made using grid and color that have provided in photoshop. 

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